A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Chillenium 2019: All for one and one for all!

You and your partner play as either Ey, an alien with no arms, or Handy, an alien with no eyes. The sun has exploded, and you must escape before the flames consume you! At the same time, enemy ships are trying to keep you out of their territory. Only Handy is able to handle the controls, and only Ey can see where to steer and shoot at. Work together to make it to safety!

To Play:

Requirements: Steam VR, 2 players, blindfold

  1. Pick your character!
    Sit on the left in the pilot's seat
    Ey: Sit on the right.
  2. Handy: Read the control instructions & put on the blindfold. 
    Ey: Launch the game and put on the headset. Make sure to communicate what you see to your blind buddy!
  3. Good luck!


Eunsun (Sunny) Chu - UI/UX designer, Project Manager
Somyung (David) Oh - Programmer
Chia-an (Anne) Fu - 3D/Tech Artist
CJ Dopheide - Support

“Chibi Ninja” by Eric Skiff
Sound Effects from Freesound.org & Zapsplat.com
“Star Wars Theme Song” by John Williams
“Sad Violin” by MFG Sounds Effects

WispySmoke Flipbook by Thomas Iché (accessed through the Unity Blog)
Seamless Fire Texture by hhh316 (accessed through DeviantArt)

All other assets created during Chillenium 2019 by Vizardry.

Reid & Chase for modeling the setup
All the awesome mentors


Ey-n-Handy.zip 44 MB

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